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Archer Air Superiority

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In a world of febreze, potpourri, and other estrogen-filled cans designed to treat a smelly room, there exists but one true alternative for men, by men, to make any room smell manly. Archer Air Superiority offers up three different water-based fragrances to improve the smell of any room, available in an environmentally friendly nitrogen based propellant. European Sportscar features the smell of worn leather, a hint of aftershave, and a strong musk of Horsepower. Hunting Lodge brings with it hints of damp timber, earth stone, and gunpowder, and like the name implies, Distillery allows any guy to bask in the aromas of charred oak, sour mash, and heavenly bourbon.
Archer Air Superiority $14 a can, $42 for the whole gang


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