BMW Concept Z4

BMW Concept Z4

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After leaked documents and sneak-peek photos, the concept car for BMW’s new Z4 was finally revealed at 2017’s Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. And a pretty nice reveal it was — a sporty roadster in metallic Valencia Orange featuring a shark nose, quick-retracting soft top, advanced digital displays, and BMW’s iconic kidney grills. While the exact engine hasn’t been revealed, the Concept’s fluid lines and big air inlets along with the condensed and flattened tail end — even the 2-toned interior — all serve to make clear: the 2018 Z4 will be a sports car for those who like to drive sports cars.

BMW confirms that what you see is, mostly, what you’ll get when the Concept translates to production. You can sign up for updates now, or head to Geneva in March, 2018 when the production model makes its premier. Learn more at BMW.


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