Slingpop Slingshot

Brnly SlingPop Pocket Slingshot


Three reasons why this slingshot should be part of your everyday carry: 1. It was made specifically to fit nicely in your back pocket. 2. It opens bottles. 3. It’s a slingshot and you’ve known slingshots to be inherently cool since you were 11 years old.

This one comes from the BRNLY Brand, the limited edition line from knifemaker Burnley Knives. It’s machined in the USA from 6061-T6 anodized aluminum and comes with a black band, leather ammunition pouch, 50 ball bearings and an extra band. Use the bottle opener on a beer. Drink said beer. Then give yourself 50 goes at trying to plink your target. Should you fail, drink another beer. Your aim is not going to get any better. – $140


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