Cabin Fever Brown Ale

Cabin Fever Brown Ale

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It’s a favorite pastime of ours to kick back with a richly crafted brew in front of a roaring holiday fire — but a regular beer just won’t do. The Cabin Fever Brown Ale is among a host of seasonally friendly beers you should certainly consider stocking in your fridge for the weeks (and months) ahead.

It’s what New Holland calls a rich, roasty brown ale, perfect for pairing up with equally rich holiday staples like smoked cheese and roasted meats. In short, it sounds like the ideal pairing to match up with watching an evening — or several hours’ worth — of college football during championship and bowl season.

It’s a rich, timeless beer that goes back nearly two decades, to when the famed brewery first crafted it back in 1998. To us, this is a beer that would pair up well with a weekend at your log cabin or an evening holiday party with friends — just bundle up, throw on your favorite flannel shirt and brown leather boots, then grab a six-pack of the Cabin Fever Brown Ale. Learn more at New Holland Brewing.


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