East coast Defender Project Viper

East Coast Defender Project Viper

An adventure-lifestyle SUV.

Starwood Full Metal Jacket Jeep

Starwood Motors Full Metal Jacket

Complete with Kevlar armor.

East Coast Defender Huntress

The Huntress by East Coast Defender

A head-turning Defender 130.

Toyota FT-4X Concept

An SUV with serious off-road chops.

Lenco BearCat X3 FireCat

Lenco BearCat X3 FireCat

.50 caliber grade armor.

Icon Defender D90

Icon Defender D90

A custom Defender 90.

Kahn Land Rover Defender 6x6

Project Kahn Land Rover Defender 6×6

King of the road.

Gurkha Armored Tactical Vehicle

Gurkha RPV Tactical Armored Vehicle

Not for driving kids to soccer practic



INKAS's new armored tactical vehicle.

EJDER YELCIN 4X4 Combat Vehicle

An armored combat beast.

Tweaked Land Rover Defender 90/110 Spectre

Land Rover Defender 90/110 Spectre Edition

A James Bond edition Defender 90.

RoBattle Combat Robot

RoBattle Combat Robot

A battlefield-ready tactical vehicle.