DASH Wallet


dash-walletDue to the necessary collection of bottle openers, keychains, multitools, IOS devices, and other gear we find necessary to carry in our pockets, we no longer have room for our oversized, uncomfortable wallets anymore. That’s why we’re personally opting for the Dash Wallet.
It’s minimalist design features three compartments: One for your credit/debit cards, one on the bottom for stashing your cash, and a nifty little quickdraw slot that allows you to swipe your most-used card without ever having to take it out of the wallet. Crafted from a single piece of black elastic fabric, it compresses your cards and cash inside, keeping them in place and the wallet itself a lot thinner and more manageable. The result? Less visits to the chiropractor, better fitting clothes, and a better looking you. Check out their cool video for a demonstration.
DASH Wallet $20+


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