Driftwood Farmhand Saison

Driftwood Farmhand Saison

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The saison style ale was born of boredom or necessity, depending on how you look at it. Belgian farmers who didn’t have as much to do in the cooler months brewed their own Farmhouse Ales and aged them until summer. When the warmer months meant more work on the farm (and sadly, less time to brew) they had their saisons to refresh and reward all that hard work. Wise use of down time, we think.

Victoria, BC brewery Driftwood has obviously spent their time wisely too. Their Farmhand Saison is a spicy tribute to southern Belgian farmhouse ales with notes of cloves and bananas with a strong malt center. At 5% ABV, you’ll be able to drink it and continue your farm duties. Or just put down the hoe and enjoy. Learn more at Driftwood Beer.


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