Ducati 1098S Malizia by Shed X

Ducati 1098S ‘Malizia’ by Shed X


When Sydney-based Shed-X took a a clean Ducati 1098S in trade against their first build “Bastardo”, they decided to make the track-focused bike more urban friendly for daily commuting.
To accomplish this feat, the frame was first stripped down, de-tabbed, and given a new alloy sub frame. A Shed-X custom 2-into-1 exhaust was fabricated for the bike, with an added Spark Megaphone by Radical Ducati. Two new fiber glass seat options were fitted to the new subframe and 1098 tank, along with a set of Shed-X indicators and an anti gravity Li Ion battery. The customizations resulted in a leaner, 15kg lighter bike perfect for inner-city travel, still capable of its original 160 horsepower on the street.


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