Machine era AL7 Slim Wallet Green

Machine Era AL7 Slim Wallet


What’s the last finishing touch you need in a spring outfit? If you have everything from your slim chinos, denim jacket and stylish, understated ball cap covered, it’s got to be a crisp, minimal wallet. Luckily for all of us, Machine Era Co. has you covered with its AL7 Slim Wallet.

It starts with aircraft-grade aluminum that’s hard coated for durability and a deep, rich color (talk about a much-needed shot of unique styling in your everyday carry). There’s space for up to 7 cards, held together with an elastic band and an opening that doubles as a cash-carrier and a bottle opener. That’s great news for two reasons — you’ll never be short on tipping at the bar, and you’ll always be able to help out your friends at a party. Oh, and with the durable and resourceful nature of the AL7 Wallet, you won’t leave it behind anywhere, either. – $35

Machine Era AL7 Slim Wallet


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