Man's Face Stuff Moustache Wax

Man’s Face Stuff Moustache Wax


Were almost halfway through No-shave November, as men everywhere have begun to transform their 5 o’clock shadow into respectable moustaches and beards. For those who got a head start on the competition, a little moustache wax can keep it looking clean, crisp, and stylish. Man’s Face Stuff offers up a unique alternative to your run-of-the-mill moustache wax. Their high quality, water resistant waxes come in a variety of your favorite scents. These include:
“All Nighter”–“notes of fresh pipe tobacco and sweetened coffee.”
“Stiff Breeze”–“a crisp, bracing scent of a classic men’s cologne without feeling harsh.”
“Red Hot”
–“scented with all-natural cinnamon, bay, and tagetes oil for a slightly sweet, spicy smell.”
“Ginger Dandy”–a good balance between ginger and peppermint.
Their Flagship wax is the “Gin and Tonic”, a wonderful scent any man can recognize that needs no description. If your looking to control your stray ‘stache hairs without one of the manly smells we’ve mentioned, they also offer an unscented moustache wax.
Man’s Face Stuff Moustache Wax $9


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