New Belgium VooDoo Ranger Imperial IPA

New Belgium VooDoo Ranger Imperial IPA

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Fall and winter are the perfect time to work richer, more flavorful beers back into your fridge — and we think the New Belgium VooDoo Ranger Imperial IPA is as great a place to start as any. Boasting a blend of pine and citrus for a unique, engaging and crisp IPA, it’s a nice effort from a brand that continually hits it out of the park with brews on a larger scale.

The VooDoo Ranger Imperial IPA certainly is nothing to be trifled with at 9 percent ABV — that makes it all the better to sip by the fire or enjoy over a long meal with friends and family. And it can certainly be tough to find a well-done imperial IPA in a bottle, but we think New Belgium’s attention to detail seems to have solved that problem. Whether in your fridge or on the shelves of your favorite craft beer store, we don’t think New Belgium’s VooDoo Ranger Imperial IPA will be around for long. Bottoms up, right? Learn more at New Belgium.


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