Stanley Classic Insulated Thermos


Stanley Classic Insulated ThermosYou don’t have to work construction, or possess a job that requires you to work outdoors at all to enjoy the benefits of a thermos. They’ve been around since the 1800’s, providing men a way to keep their coffee or soup hot and their beer cold to and from the job site.

The Stanley Classic Insulated Thermos ($25) from Stanley’s Classic Series, boasts the classic hammertone green color that originated in the early 1950’s , when guys carried a thermos not because it was cool, but because it was a necessary part of life. Not only does the Stanley Classic Thermos look the part, but it is also built like a tank, featuring a sturdy yet lighter stainless steel double-wall insulated construction that keeps your coffee or soup hot for 12 hours, and anything cold for 15 hours, sealed in by a vacuum stopper. The lid doubles as an 8-ounce cup, alleviating the need for any additional gear to enjoy your refreshments. The Stanley Classic Series Flask makes a great addition to the thermos, or a really cool gift for one of your whiskey-swilling buddies.


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