Star Wars Kettlebells

Star Wars Kettlebells

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Sometimes you could use a little extra motivation during a workout. Onnit is banking on the idea that the presence of evil from the Dark Side will awaken the Force within you and get you to to do just a few more deadlifts. Also your kettlebells will look like no one else’s kettlebells.

The company that began with a cognitive enhancer supplement called Alpha BRAIN is on the quest for Total Human Optimization. As part of that mission, they make functional strength equipment, including these 3 cast iron kettlebells — a 70 pound Darth Vader, a 60 pound Stormtrooper and a 50 pound Boba Fett. After your 87th goblet squat with the weight of the Sith Lord in your hands, you too will feel the power of the Dark Side. For real. – $150+


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