Tech Dopp Kit 2

Tech Dopp Kit 2

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If you find your tech gear — cords, headphones, charging packs and the like — getting tangled up in your backpack’s front compartment, well … problem solved. This Is Ground is back with the Tech Dopp Kit 2, the brand’s latest everyday carry piece that’s going to make your life a heck of a lot easier.

It came to life after the brand’s founder once used his toiletries dopp kit to carry his electronic devices — not exactly the most efficient method out there. With the Tech Dopp Kit 2, the brand is using an evolved design with three sizing options (Mini, Regular and Grande) for up to 8.75 inches of height — enough room for iPad plugs and even your Apple TV when stacked up.

As if the utility wasn’t evidence enough of why you should pre-order the Tech Dopp Kit 2, there are five handsome and stylish colorways available, including French Grey and Cognac. Yes indeed, the days of lugging around a jumble of cords and cables are over, and you’ll look all the more stylish for it with the Tech Dopp Kit 2. – $219


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