Timex Metropolitan +

Timex Metropolitan +


In recent years, Timex has come up with the sort of sleek, functional and yet classic designs that watch lovers, well, love to see. The Timex Metropolitan+ checks those three boxes and then some, with simplistic, reliable design and a great price.

The Timex Metropolitan+ is a fitness tracker/wristwatch blend with four hands and the ability to track everything from your sleep to calories burned. Add in two interchangeable straps — a sleek Black and an eye-catching Orange — and you’re getting two watches (and a ton of functionality) for under $180. Compared to other fitness trackers or smartwatches, that’s a heck of a bargain — you can take that to the bank.

And Timex’s trademark reliability comes into play, too — the 42mm diameter is just right for most wrists, with a bit of extra size for added toughness in active situations. It’s an easy-to-use package — and that should make it pretty easy to buy. – $175

Timex Metropolitan +


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