TVAN MK5 Camper Trailer

TVAN MK5 Camper Trailer


Since the launch of the TVAN Camper Trailer in 2000, camping hasn’t been the same. The MK5 is an upgrade from TVAN’s previous model (the MK4), keeping its dependable design built for the roads less traveled — but with a bunch of key upgrades. The camper trailer now boasts a lighter design, more spacious sleeping quarters, a side-deploying kitchenette, indoor and outdoor LED lighting, a secure rear deck, an audio system that’ll please any music lover that loves the outdoors as much as they love The Doors.

However, the biggest improvement to the TVAN MK5 Camper Trailer is an attachable tent that sets up quick. How fast?
It only takes the TVAN MK5 Camper Trailer half a minute for a quick set-up, ideal for spontaneous picnics on the side of the road or beating the rain. When you’re ready to really relax, a complete setup takes less than 5 minutes. And if you purchase the full annex setup, it only takes 15 minutes to have a camping trailer meant for digging your heels in for longer stays.

What sets the MK5 apart from its competition is its speedy setup and plenty of amenities. The TVAN MK5 Camper Trailer is geared towards those who take their leisure seriously. Learn more here.


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