Whipping Post Passport Wallet

Whipping Post Passport Wallet


Whipping Post makes one-of-a-kind pieces that serve as stylish, reliable and highly functional upgrades to your everyday carry. In short, they make the type of handsome essentials that every guy can use, whether you hit the road frequently or haven’t traveled internationally as of late. In particular, the Whipping Post Passport Wallet just might inspire you to get out and travel, what with its blend of utility and heritage quality.

Although simple and able to slip handily into your blazer or your messenger bag, the Passport Wallet should certainly provide you ample opportunity to forge new adventures while aging nicely over time. You can even add your own 3-letter monogram to make it more unique, although the patina and stylish quality of this leather ensures it’ll develop uniquely all on its own, whether you hop a quick flight across the border or set off on a transatlantic adventure. The best gear can definitely go all those places, and then back home with stories to tell. – $55

Whipping Post Passport Wallet


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