Yamaha Niken Motorcycle

Yamaha Niken


Two-wheeled bikes have had a good long run. And while that tradition is in no way coming to an end, Yamaha has been experimenting with something a little different. The Niken is a leaning multi-wheel bike with 2 wheels up front, powered by a liquid-cooled 3 cylinder engine. They’ve put dual-tube upside down forks on the outer sides of each front wheel, giving the trike a decidedly futuristic vibe.

The extra front wheel brings more traction, which provides extra stability when cornering (as well as when you’re stopped at a red light). Since all wheels stay in contact with the road, even through sharp turns, handling 3 wheels instead of 2 won’t take a huge adjustment in your riding style. In this respect, Yamaha isn’t re-inventing the wheel, they’re just adding another one. Learn more at Yamaha.


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