Hi-Vis Everyday Carry

Everyday Carry: Hi-Vis

Neon green essentials.

Everyday Carry Gear

Everyday Carry

Pocket gear with a purpose.

CRKT Williams Tactical Pen

CRKT Williams Tactical Pen

An effective chunk of aluminum.

CRKT Delilah's Peck

CRKT Delilah’s P.E.C.K.

A precision engineered keychain knife.

CRKT Kangee T-Hawk

CRKT Kangee T-Hawk

Built from a slab of steel.

CRKT Minimalist Wharncliffe Knife

CRKT Minimalist Wharncliffe

Minimal yet powerful.

CRKT Trencher

An axe, a saw, and a weapon.

Best EDC Knives

The 30 Best EDC Knives

Everyday carry blades.