Tropical Island Paradise

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Forget about traveling to a remote tropical destination for vacation, set sail on your very own tropical island aboard the Tropical Island Paradise. This concept yacht is essentially a heavenly island getaway built right onto the boat. The main deck includes a swimming pool of course, private cabanas for all of your guests, and a bar. A volcano-like structure sits atop of the yacht, with a waterfall that runs into the pool. Inside the volcano structure is the owner’s suite, with views from behind the waterfall. Behind the owner’s suite is a private spa, which provides an intimate setting after hours. Probably the coolest part of this yacht is the rear deck. It acts as a landing pad for a helicopter so that your millionaire friends can join the fun while you’re on the high seas. There’s no doubt this yacht will carry an unbelievable price tag once it is in production.
Tropical Island Paradise $TBA


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