2018 Dodge Challenger Hellcat Widebody

2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Widebody

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Dodge’s new SRT Hellcat Widebody model is a high-powered hybrid Challenger, so to speak. Along with a new electric power steering system with SRT driving modes and new spoke aluminum wheels on Pirelli P-Zero performance tires, the Hellcat Widebody sports the voluptuous fender flares of the ridiculously-fast Challenger SRT Demon — which lends it 3.5 more inches of width — and the 707 horsepower supercharged 6.2-liter HEMI V8 engine found in the brand’s Challenger Hellcat that made it’s debut nearly two years ago.

The result is a track-ready machine with improved handling, improved grip on the road, and a ride that’s sure to turn a few heads on your way to the track — or the office. Pricing starts at $71,500.


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