23rd Street Hybrid Whiskey

23rd Street Hybrid Whisk(e)y


There are rules for making whiskey. And for making whisky. Bourbon must be distilled from at least 51% corn mash and aged in charred virgin casks. Scotch must come from malted barley and is generally aged in used (often bourbon) casks. One is mellow, oaky, caramel-y. The other is peaty, spicy, smoky. So what happens if you stick both liquors in the same barrel and let them hang out for a while? Some Australians went ahead and found out.

The result? 23rd Street’s Hybrid Whisk(e)y. Made from a blend of prime Scotch and American bourbon, the flavor is unique and distinctive, with sweet sherry and fruit notes, a rounded maltiness and a toasted oak finish. Grab a glass, pour yourself two fingers and raise a toast to the point at which the rules end and bold experimentation begins. Learn more at 23rd Street Distillery.


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