Adidas handball Top Sneakers

Adidas Handball Top Sneakers


The term tennis shoes hasn’t had anything to do with tennis for a while now. Chances are, you wear them. But not to play tennis. Since we’re using sports shoes for purposes other than sports, we think it’s time to give handball shoes a chance. Especially if they look like these from Adidas.

The notched rubber midsole in tan with the signature 3-stripes in red woven textile set these apart from your not-for-tennis tennis shoes. And the throwback look is genuine because Adidas did it right. This isn’t an “interpretation” of the original. Handball Top is a 1-to-1 reissue of the 1987 version. Getting a pair will be like you scored a pair in a vintage shop, without the history of someone else’s feet. And if you decide to actually play some handball, you’ll be good to go. – $109


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