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Not all camera gear is created equal. And certainly not all gear meant for snapping photos on the go is created equal. That’s the case with the Alpine Labs Pulse, a slick, innovative device that teams with your smartphone and plugs straight into your DSLR or Mirrorless camera’s USB port for unparalleled control over the photos you snap.

From the basics (photo and video) to welcome touches like advanced timelapse and long exposure settings, Pulse works with more than 60 different cameras, holds a charge for more than a day and weighs just 1.5oz. You can even control up to three Pulse-equipped cameras from your phone — at once. That’s the kind of power — and photo potential — that just can’t be beat. It’s set to ship this fall, and while it’s available for pre-order now, it’s very likely you’ll have trouble waiting to start exploring, adventuring and using it. Pre-order it now for $89


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