Apple Watch NikeLab

Apple Watch NikeLab

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For the guy on the go who loves his sneakers — and loves a functional, tech-heavy watch — the NikeLab Apple Watch ought to do the trick. The product of the NikeLab innovation center (a collaborative platform for work with other brands) is a sleek, futuristic and functional watch that continues to unite two of the world’s most powerful brands.

It features touches for both the tech-savvy — such as integration with the Nike+ Run Club app — and more durable (such as 50 meters worth of water resistance). With 38 and 42mm options available in terms of case diameter, it’s a watch that’s easy to wear no matter who you are or how you use it, be it for daily office wear or keeping track of long weekend runs. And a bonus — the Space Grey colorway is a similarly versatile design feature. Act fast, though — knowing Apple and Nike, it won’t be around that long. – $370+


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