Bandit9 Dark Side Motorcycle

Bandit9 Dark Side Motorcycle


Built on a Harley Davidson Revolution X engine, this custom bike is dark, shiny and rare. Dark Side is handmade by Bandit9, a custom bike shop that travels in the opposite direction of most. While the field is flooded with custom retro/vintage/scrambler/ bobbers, these guys from Saigon are looking to the future, making bikes for the world of tomorrow.

Customization includes a unified tank, cowl, seat and tail lights, giving the bike an impressive sleekness, and neck and rake extensions to give it a low down profile. The smoked windshield angles steeply over the instrumentation while the convex LED headlamp lights up the road 150% better than halogen.

Made in Vietnam takes a whole new meaning here. Not factory-produced mass-merch, the Dark Side is a hard gunning piece of 2-wheeled art. They ship globally for free but only 9 will ever be made. 3 are already gone. Want one? Better get moving. – $32,000


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