Bespoke Post Vibes Box

Bespoke Post Vibes Box

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Whether your daily routine involves posting up in a coffee shop or getting down to business in a corner office, it’s the nice and thoughtful additions to your everyday carry that can make a big difference in your productivity (and style). That’s why it pays off to pick up a two-for-one package like the Bespoke Post Vibes Box.

Contained in said box: A crisply designed, neat-looking and very high-quality pair of the LSTN Sound Co. Fillmore Headphones — the grained zebra wood casing is a cool change of pace from standard white earbuds, and they’re as stylish an accessory you can have on your desk. And for at home or the office, a pleasing candle is sometimes the change of pace you need to soothe your nerves and close out a long day. In this instance, the Bespoke Post Vibes Box is also a winner — you get a Eucalyptus Mint Candle from the folks at Tinker, Dinker and Doc. The great news? You get this package (a terrific value) for just $45 when you sign up for Bespoke Post. Worth it? Absolutely. – $55


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