BoomcasesMaking cool speakers out of old stuff is nothing new, yet BoomCases are probably the coolest speakers we’ve come across yet. Boomcases are essentially Boomboxes made from vintage suitcases, designed to work in conjunction with your phone, iPod, or any device with a headphone output—they can also be plugged into any wall outlet. The vintage suitcases, available in many different retro styles and designs, are fitted with battery packs and Class D amplifiers from in California. Not only do the speakers sound pretty awesome, but the wood that most vintage suitcases are made of helps give the BoomCases a full, rich sound—and with a 10-hour battery life on a single charge, you can take the BoomCase pretty much anywhere you’re headed, and listen to your favorite tunes in old-world style.
BOOMCASES $300-$4,000


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