Brooks 150 Anniversary Bicycle

Brooks 150 Anniversary Stavanger


With 150 years of heritage and craftsmanship in the mix, it only makes sense that Brooks and Pelago get plenty of things right with the 150th Anniversary Pelago Stavanger. It’s rare to find a bike that seamlessly combines form, function and beautiful style, but this is one cycle that manages to fire on all cylinders — and for that, it’s worth the investment.

It’s an all-weather, all-road bike with beautiful copper and black components, custom-made for this very limited run of bikes. Each one of the 15 units is hand-built in Finland with the utmost attention to detail — when speed and performance are on the line, that’s exactly what you need. It’s a handsome cycle that rightfully deserves a spot in your living room, and it’s so well-done that it won’t look a bit out of place. That it can stand up to the rigors of the road is just as well, too. – $2,800


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