Brutal Truth Moisturizer

Brutal Truth Moisturizer


There are certain “brutal truths” out there when it comes to men’s grooming, and one of them happens to be that, well .. you need to be using it. It’s as essential a step in your grooming routine as any, one that leaves your face feeling and looking great — and the proper menswear essentials are an excellent way to complement an on-point grooming routine.

With that being said, Brutal Truth knows how to meet demands of a grooming routine quite well. They’ve put attention to detail and care into this product line, and it’s to your benefit. Certainly, they’ve left no detail overlooked when it comes to concocting a perfect scent for fall and winter (with wood, spice and cinnamon), and they’ve packaged this handy product in minimal, sharp packaging that’ll look quite nice on your bathroom counter. So, owning up to the truth when it comes to grooming just got a bit easier. – $32


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