GoRuck Tough Bag

GoRuck Tough Bag

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With a name like “Tough Bag,” one would expect to be hard-pressed to find any sturdier bag out there — and thanks to the work of GoRuck, that’s definitely the case. For just $55, you get a bag that functions like a tote and is geared toward performance in the field.

Military-grade interior webbing and hard plastic on the interior give the bag yet another degree of durability and toughness, and the bag’s simple array of colors — we prefer the clean black — make it easy to get around in an understated manner. Playing off the idea of real, live military “stuff sacks,” the GoRuck Tough Bag is your answer as to what you’ll need to haul, well … just about everything you could think of.

Crucially, it features a lifetime guarantee — and even more crucially, it features the ability to hold nearly a full case of beer (the brand tested it out, so you don’t have to — give it a try if you wish, though). Seriously, the Tough Bag is definitely up to the challenge. – $55


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