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If you’ve ever thought it would be pretty awesome to live on a houseboat, we understand completely. If you’ve never thought about it, you can do so now. Russian yacht designer Max Zhivov designed this clean-lined, modern-industrial houseboat to serve the rather specific function of providing floating house that also has a mobile parking dock for your floatplane.

The house itself is a three bedroom affair with window walls surrounding the kitchen and living room. Up top, 65 square meters of solar panels power 2 electric engines, the lights and accessories for the house. It’s designed to be modular, deliverable in 2 truckloads. Just point the way to your favorite body of water. Don’t have a floatplane yet? That’s ok, the HydroHouse is still covetable. And you could always park a boat in the dock, Max won’t mind.

HydroHouse HH


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