Mo Mugs - No Shave November

Mo Mug


Your Official Movember Mug, Unofficially.

In the spirit of No-Shave November, as well as our general obsession with moustaches, what cooler way to enjoy your hot coffee in the morning than with a ‘stache-clad Mo Mug.

Fresh off of a successful Kickstarter campaign, Mo Mugs are not only styled with awesome moustaches, but are crafted from double-walled porcelain in an effort to eliminate the unwanted taste that heated plastic mugs can leave on your palate. The porcelain also renders a Mo Mug reusable, thus minimizing the effects of discarded paper and plastic coffee cups on our environment. They are available in six different moustache styles: Frank, Lucky, Pablo, Tommy, The Boss, and our favorite, Magnum P.I.
Mo Mug $15

Mo Mugs - No Shave November


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