Nest Thermostat E

Nest Thermostat E

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Adjust your thermostat at night and when you’re away, they say. Save yourself money, they say. It’s easy! they say. But for some, remembering to brush before bed or not leaving today’s lunch sitting on the counter is a mini miracle. For these souls (and we number among them) it’s not “easy” to add thermostat adjustment to the ever lengthening list of stuff to remember.

Which is why we have smartphones and smarthome stuff. The Nest Thermostat E knows when you leave the house and turns down the heat or ups the temp on the a/c. It knows your sleeping schedule and adjusts accordingly. And if you want to walk into a warm house after Christmas tree shopping, you can crank the heat with the app on your way home. Thankfully it doesn’t look like a big screen TV bolted to the wall, just an unassuming circle, covertly hanging out, making stuff easy(er). – $169


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