Nomad Leather Strap for Apple Watch

Nomad Leather Strap For Apple Watch


If you need a surefire way to upgrade your slightly techy-looking Apple Watch, there’s perhaps no better way to do it than with a beautiful Horween leather watch strap. It’s the best way to blend what Nomad calls “old-world artistry” with the sleek modern looks and functionality of a technologically advanced watch. The fact that this watch strap uses handsome and supremely durable Horween leather is but a huge bonus — and a big reason to pick one up for your smartwatch.

Available in a Modern Build that forgoes contrast stitching, the Traditional Build is also durable, unique and built to age well over time. Right down to the injection molded stainless steel buckle and durable stitching on the Traditional Build strap, you’d do very well to pick one up — and jumpstart your watch game immediately. That goes for whether you rock this leather strap at the office or on the weekends — it’s going to look great with your smartwatch either way. – $55

Nomad Leather Strap For Apple Watch


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