We’re all for being prepared, and anything that adds a considerable amount of functionality to our everyday carry ensemble deserves a spot in our pockets or wallet. Meet the PocketMonkey ($13), a TSA-compliant pocket tool that carries with it 12 separate functions while taking up limited pocket real estate.

It’s 1mm thin, credit card design allows for easy carry in your wallet with your other cards and cash so that you can save your valuable pocket real estate, while a curb weight of a single ounce allows you to completely forget it until you need it. So what twelve functions could the PocketMonkey possibly bring to the table considering it’s rather small footprint? For starters, it pops the top on bottles like no one’s business, opens letters, peels oranges, and makes for an earphone cord wrap and a clever phone stand provided that you insert a credit card for stability.

Additional features the PocketMonkey carries with it include 5 hex wrenches, a flat head screwdriver, a low profile Phillips head screwdriver, a straight edge, and a door latch slip for breaking into your own home when you’ve carelessly locked your keys inside.

PocketMonkey Pocket Monkey PocketMonkey PocketMonkey PocketMonkey Pocket Monkey


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