Radmini Electric Folding Fat Bike

Radmini Electric Folding Fat Bike


“It won’t fit in my apartment.” (It will.) “It doesn’t go off-road.” (It does.) “It can’t haul anything.” (It can.) “I’ll have to charge it all the time.” (You won’t.) “I like pedaling.” (Pedal on.) Seattle-based Rad Power Bikes is getting rid of your excuses for not owning an electric bike, one by one.

For anyone with a smaller than average living/working/storage arrangement, the Radmini folds up small for storage. For your rough road adventures, the four inch wide tires and 80Nm of torque from the 750W geared hub motor will power you across just about any terrain. As for hauling cargo, the rear rack holds 40 pounds. And on just a six hour charge, the 48 volt 14 amp hour battery pack gives you a full day’s ride with a range between 25 and 45 miles. Pedaling? The five-level pedal assist lets you pedal as much or as little as you want. Excuses: done. – $1,499


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