SnableBetween our desktop computer, laptop, iPhone, iPad, and a host of other electronic gadgets, our desk appears to be an endless maze of cords and cables tangled into one hefty knot. Cable management devices can be hit or miss, with each new one lacking either the design, functionality, or simplicity that strikes our fancy. The Snable, however, is a crafty new cable management accessory currently on Kickstarter with a simple, functional design that gets the job done without all of the unnecessary bells and whistles that only add to the clutter. It can be positioned temporarily or permanently to any horizontal surface via its sticky pad backing or screws, while managing your cables, earphones, or cords of any size efficiently and attractively. It can also prop up your phone while you watch videos or movies. Find it on Kickstarter at the link below and pledge some cash to get yours early.
Snable $15+


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