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The 8 Best EDC Kits

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Everyday carry is more than just a hobby or collection of accoutrements that may or may not wind up lost in your coat pocket. Everyday carry is a systematic approach to being prepared for whatever may come your way on a daily basis.

Whether it be fixing a broken bicycle chain on your urban commute to work, starting a campfire on a weekend getaway in the middle of nowhere, popping open a cold brew at a friend’s house when he throws a new craft beer your way, or successfully defending yourself from an attacker, your everyday carry collection is your personal toolbox on the go designed to help you succeed at life when life happens unexpectedly.

For those looking to update or add to their current carry collection, we’ve laid out the 5 best preassembled everyday carry kits, in no particular order.

Bespoke Post Delta EDC Kit

Bespoke Post Delta Box

When you head out your front door each morning, your everyday carry gives you peace of mind by rendering you prepared for whatever the day may bring your way. And thanks to the Delta Box from Bespoke Post, you’ll have a ready-made collection of modern, purpose-built tools to help you face the day.

Included in the kit is a Machine Era stainless steel slim wallet, the Grafton EDC Pen in black, the Porter Keychain Knife that doubles as a capable bottle opener, and an Open-Center Paisley Bandana by Hav-A-Hank. – Buy It

All Black EDC Kit

All Black EDC Kit

By now we can all agree on the importance of a functional everyday carry collection. But putting together said everyday carry collection piece by piece can prove to be both a time consuming and expensive task. Luckily, this all-black EDC kit — specially-curated by the team at Cool Material — provides a cost-effective way to stay prepared for whatever the day brings. The EDC blacked-out kit includes a Nano Cache for simple keychain storage, the SOG Key Knife, Gerber’s Shard Keychain Tool, an INOVA XS Flashlight, and an R-10 Keyring to hold it all together. – Buy It

EDC Kit 2.0

EDC Kit 2.0

Just as functional as its design is simple, the EDC Kit 2.0 is a slimmed-down kit crafted completely from stainless steel for those who want to stay prepared without the clutter. It boasts a stainless carabiner, a FreeKey slim system for easy customization, a compact-sized peanut lighter, a DoohicKey multi-tool with a built-in cutter, bottle opener, wrench, ruler, and flat head screwdriver, and an Inchworm tool for measuring tire tread depth, a broken fan belt width, different screw lengths, last-ditch self defense efforts, or for comparing product sizes. – Buy It

Everyday Carry Commuter Kit

EDC Commuter Kit

Every urban commuter needs an EDC kit, whether its just to streamline your carry ensemble or to fix an unexpected bicycle problem. Either way, the EDC Commuter Kit has got you covered. Included in the ensemble is a Stainless steel S-Biner, to which is attached a Free Key system for easily attaching keys or additional gear, a Keysmart that holds up to 5 of your most important keys, a Prometheus flashlight good for at least an hour of 60 lumens of light output, and a Reductivis Multi-Tool that provides an assortment of wrenches, hex tools, a flat and Philips head driver, and a bottle opener. – Buy It

Kauffman Mercantile EDC Kit 2

Kaufman Mercantile EDC Kit 2

If for some reason you had to fit your entire everyday carry collection on your keychain, then Kaufmann Mercantile’s EDC Kit 2 would definitely be the way to go about it. This highly functional kit features an array of pocket-friendly tools to assist you in whatever may happen on your journey to wherever. Included on the quick-release brass key ring are a magnesium fire starter, a 235 lumen brass flashlight, a stainless steel perforated folding knife with a clip-point blade, a brass glow-in-the-dark compass, and a compact, pressurized ink pen. – Buy It


Stealth EDC Kit

A more modern take on the everyday carry keychain setup is the Stealth EDC Kit. Available for iPhone or Android, the Stealth EDC Kit boasts a blacked-out color scheme and features an S-Biner key ring that pulls double duty as a bottle opener, a Keysmart key organizer, a set of heat-treated dual driver Screw Keys, and a Chargekey smartphone charger. – Buy It

EDC Bike Kit

EDC Bike Kit

While the other EDC kits on this list serve a vast array of purposes, the EDC Bike kit was designed specifically for those who prefer to travel by bicycle. Because what can go wrong eventually will on a bicycle, the EDC Bike Kit includes a hand-selected collection of tools to get your bike up and working again such as four and five millimeter hex keys for adjusting brakes, handlebars, and your seat post, mini pry bars for changing a bicycle tire or prying just about anything you can think of, and a brass compass—all attached to a U-shaped brass key ring. – Buy It

EDC Kit 3.0 Huckberry

EDC Kit 3.0

The latest EDC Kit to hit the market is the EDC Kit 3.0, a minimalist, prebuilt kit curated specifically by the team over at Huckberry. It’s lighter than their previous versions and includes the Titanium Micro Bottle Opener, a Peanut lighter, a FreeKey keychain system, and a lightweight Deejo Knife—all held together by a titanium carabiner. – Buy It

Best EDC Kits


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