1969 Aston Martin DBS6 Manual

1969 Aston Martin DBS6 Manual

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The DBS6 is the model of Aston Martin 007 drove in the 6th Bond film (and the character didn’t drive another Aston Martin for 20 years). This particular car was painted champagne gold during a 2005 restoration, giving it a classic vintage cast to go along with the long muscular lines and wire spoked wheels. Featuring the signature twin headlights of the era’s DBS models, it’s got a straight-6 engine, a 5-speed manual transmission and right hand driving orientation.

This one has only seen 70k miles on the road and just 3 owners have had this car in their name. Now it’s ready for owner number 4 and, since it could use a few more cosmetic improvements, you can snag it for a relatively low price (insofar as 6-figures can be considered “low”). Place your bid here.


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