1969 Rolex ‘Paul Newman’ Daytona Ref. 6239

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Actor. Director. Entrepreneur. Race car driver. By the end of his life in 2008, it seemed that Paul Newman had packed in a dozen lives worth of manly accomplishments. He was also an avid watch enthusiast, and wore the same Rolex Daytona for over 15 years—a watch that was eventually sold at action for nearly 18 million dollars.

Now, these rare watches have become incredibly sought after collector’s items that consistently fetch eye-watering prices. Art deco style numerals are a throwback to late ‘60s design and differentiate this limited production watch from more common watches made by Rolex around the same time. The lowest price that a genuine ‘Paul Newman’ Daytona has sold for was about $225,000, and they continue to increase in value year after year; snatch one up soon if you can, because they’re never likely to cost any less than they do right now.

Price: $389,500

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