1971 Rolex Submariner 5513

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With eight new Rolex Submariner models just released, you can nab one for just under ten grand (and up to thirty-nine grand if you want). But then you’re the guy with the brand! new! Rolex! If you’d like something with a little character, a little patina, one that looks like it’s seen some things, go for this. 

We’re not talking about a Rolex here. We’re talking about one particular Rolex. This Submariner 5513 was born in 1971 and in the ensuing decades, it was worn to dinners and movies, on vacations and to business meetings (we assume), and likely spent a good amount of time in carefully appointed storage. Now it’s up for sale and awaiting a new owner via the pages of Huckberry. 

You may never know exactly where that little scratch at three o’clock on the bezel came from, but thanks to the authentication and testing done by the Rolex reseller experts at Crown & Caliber, you’ll know the watch is in fine working order. The 2020 Submariners just don’t have the same soul as this one. For $12,500 you get warmth and depth built into the stainless steel case and strap. You get reliable, self-winding Rolex movement. You get a level of sophistication on your wrist that brand new shiny things just can’t offer.

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