1972 Land Rover Series III

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Brooklyn Coachworks restores and sells vintage Land Rover Defenders along with Series Land Rovers and Discoveries, improving the drivability and comfort, but with a stated goal of remaining true to the simple and clean design of the original vehicles. This 1972 Series III restoration they’re offering now holds fast to that intent.

Painted a genuine Land Rover Marine Blue, with a giant tugboat rope lashed to the bumper, we could see this fine specimen pulling a skiff to a remote lakeside dock — though it’ll also look good parked in front of your local pub. It’s a left-hand drive Series III and still sports the original engine with just 25,000 miles on it. The tires are original white steel wheels with the addition of bias mud tires that have a very cool tread pattern, which is especially noticeable on the hood-mounted spare.

They dug up some old stock cages for the headlamps and rear lights, adding to the postcard fishing village look. And to make sure this is an investment that lasts, the entire chassis was galvanized for zero rust worry. – Shop Now

1972 Land Rover Series III

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