1975 Lancia Stratos HF Stradale

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The Lancia Stratos is a rare exotic sports car from the iconic 70s decade. Featuring a radical and stylish design by Marcello Gandini, the 1975 Lancia Stratos HF Stradale is a legendary piece of automotive history. In case you are wondering, the HF in the car’s name stands for High-Fidelity. This car is so rare that only 492 Stradale editions came into existence. This is one of them. 

Lancia’s Stratos is one of the most successful rally cars ever built. The stunning exterior design is a futuristic vision for its time. On top of that, a Ferrari V6 engine powers this beautiful machine. A 5-speed manual transmission provides an intimately pure driving experience. 

The chassis, engine and body serial numbers of this particular 1975 Lancia Stratos HF Stradale match the originals. Ownership of this 1975 Stratos Stradale includes access to the full ownership history as well as restoration records. A full two-year restoration process began in 2015 with every detail on record. 

Currently sitting at 29,800 kilometers (18,517 miles) on the odometer, this vintage rally car is perfect for collectors and enthusiasts. Still capable of entry into vintage rally events, this Stratos remains mostly original and period-correct. A windshield replacement was necessary during the restoration, but this is understandable. 

The showroom quality of this car makes it ideal for those who prefer to display it as well. However, a few modern modifications such as the installation of electronic ignition and dual side mirrors make this Stratos even more drivable. 

It is difficult to locate a 1975 Lancia Stratos HF Stradale for sale, especially one in such pristine condition. Many owners and collectors have a difficult time parting with this car. The opportunity to own a 1975 Stratos HF Stradale is rare. If you are in the market to expand your collection, do not let this Stratos Stradale get away.

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