1976 Ferrari Dino 308 GT/4

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Although it is now another fine Ferrari icon, the 308/GT4 is a historically controversial car for the prestigious Italian automaker. As enthusiasts know, design firm Pininfarina is responsible for many of Ferrari’s fashionable cars throughout their existence. Ironically, crosstown rival Bertone designed the body of the 1976 Ferrari Dino 308 GT/4.

As you might suspect, Pininfarina was very unhappy with Ferrari’s decision to hire Bertone. Style differences between Bertone and Pininfarina designs are quite noticeable to the naked eye. Marcello Gandini, a Bertone designer, was responsible for cars such as the Lancia Stratos and the Lamborghini Urraco. He also designed the 308.

One thing consistent with some of Marcello Gandini’s other designs of the era is an angular nose with sharp lines and defined corners. This Ferrari has all of that plus a cherry on top: Enzo Ferrari himself had hands-on interest in the design of the Dino 308. He even had his team create a mock-up, allowing him to sit in the car so he could test different seating positions in relation to the steering wheel and pedals. 

The 308 was also Ferrari’s very first mid-engine V8 layout, a design they would go on to use very successfully from this point forward. A 2.9L V8 engine powers the 308 to life, but some people say it is a 3.0L. With an actual displacement of 2926.20 cc, you do the math. Some people round up, most modern standards round down.

“A completely original example with only 37,700 km on the odometer.”

European versions of this car are capable of producing 255 horsepower while American market models produce 240. A 5-speed manual transmission provides an authentic driving experience many purists crave.

This particular ‘76 Ferrari 308 is in pristine condition, unusually immaculate by any classic car standards. It is one of the very desirable European models and it is looking for a new owner. The seductive Ferrari Red is enough to request a dance, but there is even more beauty than meets the eye.

With a perfectly preserved interior, this is a completely original example with only 37,700 km on the odometer. The records of these miles date back to the 80s. From a maintenance standpoint, Weekend Heroes advertises that “no expenses have been spared”. This kind of conditioning and drivability is unheard of in a Dino 308.

This vintage Ferrari does not need anything, it is ready for a drive on a beautiful day with a new owner. Visit the WH listing for more details regarding this specific 1976 Dino GT/4.

When the legend, Enzo Ferrari, puts a personal stamp of approval on one of his cars, it becomes a must-own. In fact, the 308 is notorious for allowing the driver to only see the road from the cockpit, nothing else. There is only one catch, you have to drive one to see it for yourself. Don’t let this 1976 Ferrari Dino 308 GT/4 get away.

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