1978 Porsche 911 Safari

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Next time you find yourself wishing for a 911 that can get a little dirty, try getting your hands on this particular beast. For sale now from a private collection is a 1978 Porsche 911 Safari that has been rebuilt, seam-welded and given all-new suspension to accommodate monster tires and the ability to off-road at will.

The gearbox, suspension and steering rack were all updated and the underside protected in steel plates to allow the car to compete against 4WDs in the 2007 TransSyberia Rally. While this one didn’t win, the car was still able to handle the 4,000 mile route that included the Ural Mountains and subarctic forests. You get the feeling that the 88,000 miles on this engine were miles well driven. Sturdy in frame and pretty rife with history, this 911 can surely handle your daily trek to work. Even if you work in Siberia. – $152,827

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