1981 Porsche RUF BTR

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As beautiful as it is in its stock form, this 1981 Porsche 911 Turbo Coupe is even more than meets the eye. This particular one is special and RM Sotheby’s is making it available for sale. For starters, this is no longer just a regular stock 911 Turbo, it is now officially a 1981 Porsche RUF BTR.

There are not many of these in existence, this is a pure RUF race car now. For a while in the ’80s, RUF made the BTR model using an unmarked Porsche chassis for each one. BTR stands for Group B Turbo RUF. In other words, this is a Group B race car.

RUF started by increasing engine displacement to 3.4L and then modifying the turbocharger. From there they installed a twin-plug ignition. By the time they finished, this ‘81 RUF BTR produced 374 brake-horsepower. To handle the increased engine performance, RUF installed a custom five-speed manual gearbox with a 40 percent limited slip differential.

1981 Porsche RUF BTR

With more power comes more responsibility, which is why they also installed Recaro seats with Simpson race harnesses. The RUF steering wheel helps you maintain poise while driving such a capable machine.

A front lip spoiler helps add stability while RUF 17-inch alloy rims round out the package. In the end, this 1981 Porsche RUF BTR rips from 0 to 60 miles per hour in only 4.3 seconds. It can reach a top speed of 190 mph, offering plenty of incentive to use those safety harnesses at the track.

RUF completed the BTR conversion on this 911 in 1987 and then sent the car to the United States later that year. Complete with a letter of authenticity, this RUF BTR is not the kind of vintage Porsche you see for sale every day. 

When an opportunity such as this presents itself, you either hop on it or miss out forever. Will you be behind the wheel of this ‘81 RUF BTR, or will you let it get away? It’s your call to make.

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