1990 Ferrari F40

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If you don’t want a 1990 Ferrari F40 in your lineup, you must not be a very big Prancing Horse fan. This is a twin-turbocharged V8 race car from one of the most iconic brands in motorsports. You’re talking about an engine roaring behind you with the kind of purgle that makes you feel like you are in purgle-tory. 

This twin-turbo 2.9L V8 engine revs high and features the kind of exhaust tone depth you expect from a quadruple camshaft engine. This purr makes any gearhead weak in the knees and that’s not even getting into what happens when you are behind the wheel at wide-open throttle. 

After all, you are sending 471 horsepower to your rear wheels while taking complete control over this Prancing Horse with a five-speed manual transaxle. During its production window, the F40 was the most powerful and most expensive car available from Ferrari. 

1990 Ferrari F40

Best of all, this particular 1990 F40 is available for sale thanks to Bring a Trailer. It is in excellent condition while featuring the extremely desirable Rosso Corsa exterior paint. You will find classy red cloth upholstery in the interior. The odometer shows approximately 26,000 miles meaning this is a prime opportunity to grab an F40 you will not feel guilty about putting some miles on.

It would be very difficult to resist the urge to take this baby out for a spin. Peak power occurs at 7,000 rpm while the redline goes all the way up to 7,750 rpm. That’s 32 valves and four camshafts complementing the sound of two water-cooled turbochargers calling your name, every single day. 

The fact that the F40 garners attention everywhere it goes is only icing on the cake. This 1990 Ferrari F40 is the kind of dream car nearly everybody recognizes and wants. Don’t miss your chance to make your dream come true by seeing this F40 in your stable.

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