1990 Land Rover Defender 110 – Georgetown

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This 1990 Land Rover Defender 110 by Commonwealth is a beauty. Sure, it looks amazing now, but it took a lot of work to get it this far. Commonwealth Classics bought a restored Land Rover Defender from Unique Masterpieces in Portugal and refined it from bumper to bumper.

Equipped with a fully rebuilt four-cylinder 200Tdi Turbo Diesel engine with a LT77 5-speed manual transmission, this Defender is ready to rock. Additional modifications include an air conditioner to keep you cool, an uprated intercooler and a short shifter. One of the more modern customizations include a Unique Masterpieces bespoke Marshall inset Bluetooth speaker. 

Also included is an AlliSport variable geometry turbo. The turbo design is unique in that it doesn’t make the traditional turbo sound most people have come to expect. This variable geometry turbo creates a steady, climbing whoosh sound as the truck accelerates.

The exterior has been completely dismantled and rebuilt, from the chassis up. Commonwealth also added a custom rear Tonneau cover with pull-snaps along the rails, covering both the truck bed and the spare tire kept behind the cab. Lined with high-grade black rubber, the truck bed is both durable and functional. Owners should have easier access to the bed thanks to a rear step on both the driver and passenger side.

Inside, the Defender features a black leather interior to go with the charcoal exterior. Unique Masterpieces’ checkered stitching really makes the interior pop. The design team also applied sound deadening materials all throughout the inside of the cab for a quieter ride. Last, but not least, during restoration the speedometer saw a KPH to MPH conversion for American adventure convenience.

Available in Marshall, VA, this Commonwealth Land Rover Defender 110 is truly one of a kind. Contact Commonwealth Classics to learn more about how you can build a unique vehicle of your own.

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