1994 Ferrari 348 GT Michelotto Competizione

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Owning or driving one of the finest Ferraris in existence is equivalent to reaching the pinnacle of success. A legendary vehicle, the 1994 Ferrari 348 GT Michelotto Competizione is one of the rarest automobiles to grace the Earth. Like all Ferraris from the era, the 348 GT is a hand-assembled machine, but only 11 of them were ever put together. Of those 11, only 4 ever made it to the United States.

The iconic beauty of the 1994 Ferrari 348 GT is instantly recognizable, but getting behind the wheel of one is where the experience truly begins. Make no mistake about it, this is a race car, although nine of the 348 GTs produced never saw the track. Those nine cars went straight to private collections. 

Michelotto tuned the 348 GT with modifications to bring it up to 360 brake horsepower (about 364 hp). As if that is not enough to make this Ferrari fly, it also features a Lexan rear window and lightweight alloy panels. There is also plenty of carbon fiber throughout the car. Keeping this car as light as possible without sacrificing performance was always the goal. Mission accomplished. 

1994 Ferrari 348 GT Michelotto Competizione

Mid-engine Ferraris have a reputation for great handling. The 1994 Ferrari 348 backs that up while adding fully adjustable Koni dampers and 18-inch Speedline wheels. There is even a FIA-spec roll-cage and authentic racing seats in case there is any doubt about it being a genuine Ferrari race car. 

Ferraris are definitely fast, but this 1994 Michelotto Competizione 348 GT will vanish in the blink of an eye. Because it is so difficult to find one in the United States, collectors are ready to add it to their collection right away. This 348 GT even has the original engine while undergoing an extensive mechanical service recently to ensure it remains that way with proper maintenance. 

Don’t miss your chance to get behind one of the most exotic Ferraris ever built. This 1994 Ferrari 348 GT will not last long, but its lasting impression is here to stay.

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